Latest iPhone4 cases from Angry Birds

With The popularity in mobile games world Angry Bird decided to launch series of cases for the IPhone 4 and IPod Touch is easy to understand. There are currently three different Angry Birds cases available, and of those only two depict birds. The front for the entire Angry Birds franchise Red Bird is slowly becoming an icon, and is probably the case most people will opt for.

The Angry Birds cases are snap on back covers also covering the sides of the phone. Back covers come in two variants: those that only cover the metal sides, and those covering all the way around above the metal sides. Latest IPhone 4 cases Angry Birds has now plagued on the world of IPhone accessories- good looking Angry Bird IPhone Cases.

Nowadays Angry Bird comes up in the shape of IPhone and IPad protective Cases and gradually it is becoming more popular. The latest Angry Bird IPhone and IPod touch Cases now easily available in three special versions which include of: green pig, red and Yellow Bird. The design is indistinguishable in all three cases, very funky, modern and attractive. Furthermore, the product offers effective protection that is also accessible from the damaging of many kinds. Angry Birds cases are ultra slim that let you access to all available ports on your IPhone 4. Along with protecting your IPhone 4, unique design of Angry Birds cases will keep your IPhone 4 looking super cool.

Angry Birds case is made of lightweight polycarbonate with a clip-on design allowing full access to all ports and controls with a cut-away for the camera. The perfect case for all Angry Birds fans who want to give their IPhone 4 some eye catching protection. The Angry Birds IPhone and IPod touch cases are decorated with characters from this year’s most popular IOS game. The cases are made up of plastic and have cutouts for the buttons on the left-hand side and camera on the rear, and leave the entire top and bottom open. There’s no protection for the screen, but this is common with most cases of this type. The new Angry Bird IPhone and IPod touch Cases available in three different versions which include, green pig, red and Yellow Bird. The design is identical in all three cases, very funky and modern.

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