iPhone 4s Cases And Other Cool Accessories

You may have bought the latest phone from the iPhone stable, but you aren’t really into the iPhone club unless you own some of those cool accessories that are specially designed for these phones such as the iPhone 4s case, Apple TV, docking speakers, the list is endless. Here’s a list of some accessories that are specifically designed for the latest entrant, the iPhone 4s:

Phone Cases: When you pay more than $ 400 for a phone, it is imperative that you protect it from scratches and damages. But the best thing about these cases is that these come in a wide variety of styles and budgets. You can either choose from an Otterbox commuter series case that sells for just over $ 30, or the book styled case that looks like a hard bound 10 year old book that is yours for about $ 50. And if you are looking to buy something stylish, choose from the handmade iPhone 4s cover that is made from top quality leather, and is priced at just over $ 20.

But make sure that your case fits the iPhone 4s. There is a slight difference between iPhone 4GSM and the normal iPhone 4s, thus you will have to check if it fits well. Although the shape hasn’t changed, the placing of the buttons has changed. Make sure you buy an iPhone 4 cover that fits both the types.

iPhone Travel Stand: Thanks to Siri, hands free communication through iPhone is now stress free. This travel stand is great for travel journeys, especially long flights. The stand tilts at just the right angle to fit perfectly on any tabletop, desk or airplane tray, and allows you to use the phone in landscape mode. And when not in use, it can store your headphone.

Screen protector: If an iPhone 4 cover isn’t enough, try using a screen protector. Albeit expensive, these are sure to protect the front and back of your phone and can prevent it from scratches.

Apple TV: To enjoy the AirPlay feature, make sure you buy the Apple TV. This cool gizmo allows you to watch iTunes movies and Netflix content. You can also stream videos, photos, and music to your big screen TV.

SLR Mount: Now this may sound crazy for some, but if you own an iPhone and are a photography freak, this iPhone SLR mount is sure to please you. An adapter, allows you to attach a mount Canon EOS, or Nikon SLR lenses, thus allowing you to have a telephoto, wide angle, or fish eye angle.

As earlier said, owning an iPhone isn’t enough, you need to own these cool gadgets to truly enter the elite club of smart phone users. An iPhone 4s case ensures that your phone is protected and safe from scratches. The author of this article loves to write about iPhone accessories including iPhone 4 cover and screen protectors.

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