Upgrade your iPhone by Replacing the Antenna Case

It can occur almost anytime—while you are walking to class, conversing with a friend, or even eating at the dining table. You reach for your phone as you receive either a phone call or a text message. A slip of the hand occurs and your expensive iPhone drops to the ground. While such occurrences can be attributed to being careless, it can occur to even the most careful iPhone owners. Sometimes the damage is severe while other times, it is only a few mere scratches and cracks, with a quick fix. Whatever the outcome of your accident, there is always a solution to remedy your iPhone technical issues, whether it is simply purchasing a new iPhone 2G antenna cover or replacing the entire front screen and digitizer.


Damage to your front screen requires a much more expensive fix, requiring you to replace not only the glass screen but also the digitizer. While the screen enables you to see the different features of your smart phone, the digitizer enables you to actually use your fingers to navigate through your phone using touch sensors. Thus, if you replace the front screen without the digitizer, it will do little to fix your phone as it will still remain dysfunctional. This is a much more serious problem, although it is easily remediable. A more common occurrence is that continuous drops result in scratches or even cracks on your phone, especially on the back antenna cover. It can be so bad that you will need to purchase an iPhone 2G antenna cover for some of the older versions of the iPhone. By replacing the back case, it will be as if you had a brand new iPhone again.


Apple fans are often perfectionists and minimalists and these minor damages can be irritating. Thus, it is ideal to initially purchase a cover to protect the actual phone so that when such accidents occur, the drops won’t scratch or crack your phone. Moreover, having one of these cases can ensure that more serious damage doesn’t occur so you won’t need to pay large sums of cash to fix or replace your iPhone. If you did not purchase this kind of case initially, the damage might mostly just be scratches and cracks and fixing this problem is as simple as purchasing an iPhone 2G antenna cover to replace the old, cracked cover.


Lastly, if you wish to upgrade your iPhone to a newer version, you will probably have your old, used phone simply just lying around at home, collecting dust in some drawer somewhere. Rather than simply let it sit unused, you can sell your used phone to make some money to offset the cost of your new phone. By selling your phone as is, you can already make a handsome chunk of change that will reduce the cost of your new iPhone. However, if you purchase a iPhone 2G antenna cover to replace the one that is scratched and cracked, you can get even more money for it. It will make your used phone appear as it is relatively new, enabling you to make more off of your used gadget.

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Democrat Your Iphone 4 With Cases To Avoid Antenna Problem

Do you get an iPhone 4? I am jealous, because I do not have one. Just kidding! Anyway, do you often feel the pattern is a little simple, although it is elegant? You have no way to make your cell phone standout, for everybody gets the same iPhone with you.

You may have heard about the iPhone 4 antenna problem. Do you know why it occurs? The problem the iPhone 4 experiences with its antenna have to do with what’s called “bridging” the antenna. This occurs when a hand or finger covers the antenna area on the left side of the iPhone. Interference between our bodies and the circuit of the antenna can cause the iPhone 4 to lose signal strength.

How to avoid this problem? You may say preventing the figure or hand from touching the antenna. But it is not easy to change the way you hold the phone. Do not worry. A case can help you out. The case can cover the antenna. At the meantime, a case can make your iPhone 4 special.

ShopSimple.com introduces some kinds of iPhone 4 cases to you.

It can be classified to leather case, TPU case, silicone case, real metal case, and plastic hard case according to material.Leather case, TPU case and silicone case are good choice in cold winter. The material is soft, not as slippery as metal or plastic hard case.

You probably won’t find it to be the most stylish, feature-rich, or exciting case on the market, but it will certainly do the basics that are asked of an iPhone case.

China is a big factory of iPhone cases. You can find thousands of iPhone cases here. Merchandizes sell their cases online; you can get what you want by shopping online. ShopSimple gathers the retail sellers together, so you can get what you want in one shop by comparing the price.