Discover the Various iPhone skin case


A case for iphone is the most useful method to protect your iPhone. Quite a number of those cases happen to be released in various colors and styles following the growth and development of iPhone. iPhone-cases keeps LCD screen free from scratches, dirt, and mud. Jetski from from streaks and fingerprints. It keeps your iPhone safely in position, after which lifts for fast access.


Some iPhone-cases are supplied with plastic to strengthen towards the front edges, back and sides to increase the life span from the iPhone. All of the openings within the shield protector are accurately cut to permit full use of all of the functions. These cases offer traction for enhanced responsiveness and sophisticated static cling for stay-put adhesion. A summary of popular iPhone case types to supply more details shows up below:


Flip lid:

Flip lid case provides protection towards the screen of the iPhone. Flip lid gives quick access to interface by flipping the coverage or lid.


Sleek iPhone Skin Case:

Sleek skin case enables to keeps the slim factor from the iPhone. It’s produced from a durable, flexible free of dust silicone rubber which keeps guarded your iPhone from scores and bumps. This example provides an open face design that will provide you with total use of all the iPhone features and functions. The rear of the situation includes a “tire tread” design for any no slip grip. Sleek skin case is available in several attractive colors.


Rhinestones iPhone case:

The product is better method to protect and customize your iPhone. It offers your phone a stunning and head-turning look. The situation is totally engrossed in quite a few rhinestones which guard your iPhone from deterioration. Sparkling embedded rhinestones build your phone more luxurious which will help prevent from scrapes and chips. This perfect fitting case makes your phone seem like we have an invisible shield. Many rhinestones are individually put on create designs like; stunning animal print design.


Bling bling Case for iPhone:

This example changes the feel of your phone and causes it to be look more glamorous. Bling bling case is friendly priced and it is stylish cover is made to match your iPhone perfectly. Diamond crystal bling rhinestones add value and shine for your phone. Each bit of crystals is hand made by experienced craftsman to inspire, nurture, and celebrate new designs. Each made by hand case will ship within 7-10 days.


Top pouch case:

It’s the perfect option for protection of the iPhone using the velvet soft lined interior. Top pouch case is really a genuine leather case, created for a contoured fit for the apple iphone 4, 3gs, 3g, ipod itouch 2g, or ipod itouch. Top pouch case will protect from dings and scratches. It features a large magnetic flap and sturdy leather belt clip for simple access. It’s also supplied with a magnetic closure and also hardwearing . iPhone secure. Top pouch case will come in black, cocoa brandy, red brandy, saddle brandy and cream brandy colors.


Blackberry Swarovski Case for iPhone:

Blackberry Swarovski case is really a new phone case. This will make your iPhone unique and various from others. The situation always catches people’s attention for the unique choice.


 Each bit of crystals is hand made by experienced craftsman to inspire, nurture, and celebrate new designs. Each made by hand case will ship within 7-10 days.

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The importance of iPhone bumper case

With the latest release of the Apple Company of their Apple Iphone 4 series, both the 4G and the 4S, there has also been several accessories for these set of iPhones that have been released. One of these accessories is the iPhone Bumper Case.

The iPhone 4 may just be that good in design, but we can never disregard the idea that it is also a fragile piece of technology thus it would be a must that you should place protection in your cellphones such as the iPhone Bumper Case.

In every accessory, there is a pro and there is a cons. In this article we would try to look into an in-depth aspect as to what are the pros and cons in buying the iPhone Bumper Case.


The bumper case can be considered as an all around protection to your very fragile cellphone.
The bumper case protects both sides of the phones even from the top to the bottom of the phone as it encapsulates the entire phone with its protection.
The material that is being used in the bumper case is made out of rubberized material which is proven to be shock and impact proof.
You can choose from among a long array of different colors and shapes that would suit your choices and preferences when it comes to the bumper case.
It has a lay on  table design so that the glass front and the back surface of your phone does not come into contact with any surface when you would put your cellular phone laid down.

If there are positive things that you can get, there are also negative or the consequences.


Although it is the primary feature of the bumper case, the rubber material would cause threads and loose lint materials that would be stuck inside it.
The grip that the rubber causes may cause you difficulty in getting the phone out of your pocket.
You would not be able to connect your iPhone to any docking device as it has been covered entirely by the bumper case
The headphone jack cannot sometimes be inserted because there is no entry point within the bumper case of your cellular phone.

No matter what the consequences would be, the iPhone bumper case is still recommendable for every person which has his own iPhone because of its very good protection. It would be better to have your iPhone protected than not at all.

You can get more information about iPhone Bumper Case here.

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Classic Cassette Tape Silicone Case for iPhone 4

Protect your iphone in style with premium silicone Cassette Styled Case. Form fitted design and quality construction will provide the protection your device needs. It will also surprise all your friends when they find out that cassette tape is actually your cool iPhone!! Keep your iphone protected and looking good with our case. You do not need to remove the case entirely

Classic Cassette Tape Silicone Case for iPhone 4

I ordered this case from and received this phone case for my new iPhone 4. It arrived so quickly and exactly as it was pictured. It fits perfectly and looks wonderful not to mention the incredibly awesome price.

I’ve been using it for about a month. I don’t think it’s too loose for the iphone 4, for me it fits great. However, I don’t care for how it sticks when I pull it out of a pocket. It usually brings my pocket with it, leaving my pants pockets like half inside-out, but I think you’ll have that with any silicone case. It’s true that there’s no opening for the charger to plug into the phone while the case is on, which is my biggest annoyance, but it’s workable. All the other necessary parts are usable with the case on, so I only have to slide the bottom end off occasionally at my desk or overnight while the phone is plugged in. Overall, I think this is a great case. I bought it for the design, and the design is awesome. I get compliments every time I set my phone down. It’s noticed by everyone and is a great conversation starter. Highly recommend if you’re looking for something interesting and different!

This case is adorable! It attracts a lot of attention. People will comment, and it’s quite the conversation starter.

I’m not sure how effective it is in protecting the phone–it seems pretty flimsy. I prefer a flexible case though so that’s fine with me. It’s not too thick either, which I like because I really don’t like a bulky phone case.

It will also surprise all your friends when they find out that cassette tape is actually your cool iPhone! I absolutely love the cassette tape case! It was super cheap, and it arrived in no time at all.
I am very satisfied with the item and will buy again. Everything that was mentioned went very well.


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Buy an iPhone case online to protect your gadget

There are various mobile phones available in the market. However, Apple’s iPhone has become one of the most popular device. People prefer an this gadget over other mobile phones because it offers a wide range of tempting applications.

The best way to keep new Apple iPhone, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G is to use the iPhone case (iPhone hoesje). There are hundreds of cases that are released in a variety of colors and designs since the launch of iPhone. It is the best way by which people’s lovely gadget can be protected from the dust and scratches.

This is the world of modern technology. Most of the individuals are using the iPhone. Thus, it is vital to protect this expansive and exquisite iPhone. As it has a touch screen, so it is necessary to save the screen, as well as, the body of iPhone mobile.

Some cases of iPhones even have new features that make them stand out above regular cases that people can find on the market. Some cases have the color-changing technology that changes when heat, through regular use, is applied.

A quality iPhone case (iPhone hoesje) looks trendy  and protect the gadget from getting broken. The value of iPhones goes down, when there are dents, scratches and dings on the back of the phone.

Features of various case types :

1. Hard case: A hard case will protect your mobile phone and offer maximum protection.

2. Skin case: Skin cases permit to keep the slim factor of iPhones, but protects from scratches. Such a  case comes in several colors.

3. Flip lid: This allows to safeguard the screen of iPhones. However, simply access the interface by flipping the cover or lid.

The best iPhone case (iPhone hoesje) is that which fits to all iPhones. This case is built up of superior quality material. This material can be aluminum, plastic, mattel and other material. This superior quality  product provides extra protection to iPhones. It has several alternative styles and designs, so people have verity to choose their favorite iPhone case. On some best iPhone case, there are pictures of several Hollywood, Bollywood stars and some has animation, wrestler and flowers pictures.

People can purchase an iPhone case (iPhone hoesje) from any retail shop, and this is available on Internet, as well. In case, people want to get this case from Internet, first read all essential terms and conditions of the supplier. After getting satisfactory information, then place order. People will get their favorite case at their door.

There are many online merchants that are selling various iPhone case iPhone hoesje. If you are not sure which case is best for you, visit Gadget Deals. We offer fast delivery and money back guarantee.

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Davido for KIROIC iPhone 4 metal case

 In general, the side faces of almost all of the mobile phones are flat surface, which always leads the phones drop from our hand because there is not enough fiction force between the phone and the hand. Of course we can be careful to avoid it happen or hang the phone on our neck with a string to ensure that it’s safe.We can not pay more attention to protect our phone for the rapid pace of life and we shouldn’t hang it on neck for it’s bad for our health, while we have another choice—iPhone 4 cases.

 One of it is Davido for KIROIC iPhone 4 metal case which is a kind of aluminum metal cases.It provides immense strength and a sleek,handcrafted look.This is a remarkable case,fits perfectly,looks amazing and does not lead to loss of signal and reception! The Davido for KIROIC iphone 4 metal case doesn’t add any bulk to the iphone 4 and gives it a nice solid feel without adding any weight.

The Davido for KIROIC iphone 4 metal case is proper to the people who are engaged in any kinds of job. It doesn’t bring trouble to you like too big, too heavy though it’s made by aluminum metal, too odd and so on. It’s a different one but not strange because it’s design of the sides just can fit the space between our finger perfectly and it’s not a odd fashion. While we also can treat it’s irregular rim as a fashion. If you are a fashion person maybe you can choose one in gold. And there are four colors black, bronze, gold and silver be chosen for you.

If you’re looking for a coat for your iPhone 4, it should fit your lifestyle and your personality. From funky to functional – from cool to elegant —there’s a case for everyone —The Davido for KIROIC iphone 4 metal case. The hardest part for you is not to consider to buy it or not but when you should buy it.



iPhone 5 Cases: The Perfect Protective Gear

Although iPhone 5 cases are still considered as the perfect protective gear for the popular and pricey smart phone brand, they are also considered as fashion items today. This is partly because of the stature that owning an iPhone 5 brings. As high-end smart phones require proper protection for optimum use, cell phone cases have become a necessity for this purpose.

The ideal case for the iPhone 5 should provide protection for its back part while at the same time facilitating access to various inputs, ports, sensors, and sockets. Protection and convenience, to put it simply, are what the right cell phone case should be able to provide. Currently, there are many different types of cell phone cases in various designs and colors that can address these concerns.

The fact that these cases are within a very affordable price range in relation to the protection it can provide your iPhone 5 makes the benefits even more pronounced. After all, the cost of an iPhone 5 case is a small price to pay for the peace of mind you will get in knowing that your precious smart phone is protected from scratches and other damages that may arise from accidental drops and bumps.

Depending on your personal preference, soft and hard iPhone 5 cases are available not only in various colors but in attractive designs and prints as well. They range from the casual and rugged to the classy and elegant. For sure, you will never run out of choices in terms of both aesthetics and functionality. Whatever protective case you need for any occasion or for any level of use, you can be sure to find the right one for you.

Whether made of high quality plastic, silicon, or leather, the iPhone 5 case provides your smart phone with enough protection from the elements and cushions it from unexpected traumas. You can be sure that your investment will be safe from most factors that go beyond the rigors of normal wear and tear.

If you are the cool and hip type, then the silicon iPhone 5 case may be for you. It has anti-slip and anti-dust features that make it ideal for outdoor use. Although lightweight, the clear silicon jacket is very durable. The rubber smart phone case is also ideal for use outdoors because of the superior protection it provides from accidental bumps. For women, plastic cases are a hit. They usually come in interchangeable sets of vibrant and stunning designs which the ladies can mix and match with their outfits.

The leather cell phone case is the popular choice among executives as this is very classy in addition to being very handy. A metal case, on the other hand, is very durable and provides ample protection from shock. Your smart phone will be safe in your luggage even when travelling on rough and rocky roads.

When buying a new iPhone 5, make sure to also get a protective case for it. After all, good iPhone 5 cases can help protect your investment and ensure that you get the optimum benefits from them.

Are you looking for more information regarding iPhone 5 cases? Visit today!

Which iPhone 5 Case Should I Choose?

iPhone 5 cases are intended to protect your expensive smart phone from scratches and other damages that it may sustain as a result of an accidental drop or bump. No matter how careful you may be, accidents can still happen to your cell phone. Using a protective case is definitely a much cheaper alternative to costly repairs or parts replacements that may be required as a result of such accidents. For only a small cost, you can help prolong the productive life of your iPhone 5 smart phone.

In choosing the right iPhone 5 case to use, there are some things that you need to consider. For one, scratches and other damages can definitely lower the value of your phone. You must therefore see to it that enough protection is in place to make sure that your phone is in brand new condition at all times. Following are some useful tips on how to properly take care of your phone.

1. As much as possible, never leave your 1Phone 5 exposed. – Make sure that you have protective iPhone cases for your smart phone anywhere you go. After all, you never know when you will actually need them. Especially when going out on trips or for a vacation, and you have to bring your phone with you, make sure that you have iPhone 5 cases with you that are suitable for the particular condition you are in.

Before going on a trip, do a little research as to the particular condition in the target location. For example, if you intend to go on an outdoor adventure, it may be good to bring an iPhone 5 case that is dust and shock resistant.

2. Make sure that the corners are covered. – Majority of drop tests conducted on the iPhone 5 showed a tendency to land on one of the corners. As accidental drops can sometimes happen even if you take extreme caution, extra corner protections will help prolong the life of your phone. It is therefore recommended that when buying an iPhone 5, make sure that it comes with extra padding and protection specifically on the corners.

3. Make sure that there is enough protection for the screen. – The iPhone 5 screen is not nearly as scratch resistant as the new iPad and it therefore must be protected from scratches. A thin film specifically designed for this purpose may solve the problem. This way, the screen will be protected from accidental brushes with blunt or rough objects such as your car keys or other similar hard object hidden in your pocket.

4. Get a protective iPhone 5 case. – Aside from the screen and corners, other parts of your phone must also be protected. The case can help absorb the shock for accidental bumps or falls on hard surfaces such as concrete floors, and help save the phone from incurring unnecessary and potentially expensive damages. After all, these damages can be avoided in the first place. You just have to find the right iPhone 5 cases for your particular needs.

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3 Reasons to Purchase an iPhone 4 Case

If you’re thinking about purchasing an iPhone 4 case, you may not know all the advantages and benefits inherit in such a purchase. After all, we often buy cases because it’s “the thing to do,” giving little thought to why a case is such a great buy. If you’re in the market for a new case, consider these advantages as you make your purchase.

The iPhone 4 Case Protects Your Phone

Purchasing a case for your iPhone makes good sense because if you’ve had a phone for any length of time, you know how easy it is to drop it. We know. We’ve not only been there ourselves, but we’ve heard countless stories of how phones were dropped from pockets and lost in the streets, forgotten and left behind in public places, and dropped in the toilet. Need we say more?

By purchasing a case to protect your iPhone4, you can protect your phone against wear, tear, and damage that comes from misuse, abuse, and accidents. The good news is that there are so many ways to protect your phone that you can choose a case to fit your lifestyle. Regardless of whether you prefer the traditional leather holster or want to wear your phone on your wrist, you can find a case that offers the right level of protection for your phone.

The iPhone 4 Case Beautifies the Look of Your Phone

Regardless of whether you’re buying a case for a new phone or an older one, a case can beautify the look of it. New phones can be personalized to your needs with covers made from a variety of materials as well as a varied selection of colors and patterns.

You may prefer to add a splash of color for effect or encase your phone in leather for a more traditional look. Either way, there are a variety of attractive options from which to choose. You’ll want to purchase a cover that fits your phone well and offers an appropriate level of durability to protect your phone under the conditions for which you use it.

For instance, if you love to work out or participate in sports, you’ll want a cover that keeps your phone safe and secure while you’re on the go. Additionally, choose iPhone 4 cases that protect your phone against sweat, bumps, and other “hazards” that come from being active. If you don’t need a high level of protection, however, you may prefer to get a micro-thin cover so you can protect your phone without added bulk.

iPhone 4 Case is Just Plain Fun

Let’s face it; cases are just plain fun! You can dress up your phone with attention-catching style or go for a more traditional look. It’s your choice! You may choose eye-catching colors as well as glow-in-the-dark covers, just for the fun of it. Additionally, you can holster your phone, wear it on your wrist, or slip it in your pocket. It’s all a matter of preference.

As you shop for an iPhone 4 case to protect your phone, browse through all your options. Cases have evolved to provide the right level of protection you need to protect your phone from wear and tear, nicks and scratches, and the occasional and inevitable bump from dropping your phone. Regardless of whether you prefer to dress up your phone to match your sense of style, wear it on your arm so that you can keep your phone at arm’s length during your active day, or holster it on your belt, you can rest assured that there is an iPhone 4 case to fit your busy lifestyle.

To read reviews on award-winning cases and view our superb selection of cases for the iPhone 4 and other devices visit

Piggyback Battery Has Detachable on iPhone Case

If you’ve tried battery-extending iPhone 4 case/chargers, you’re probably familiar with their main drawback: excess size and weight. The Third Rail Mobility System has a two-piece solution for that problem, letting you carry its 1.4 oz auxiliary Smart Battery separately, only attaching it to your its case when you need it. We took it for a road test to see how effective that idea really is.

Without its piggybacked Smart Battery, this Slim Case , which the company calls “the world’s slimmest,” is an adequate performer. Although it doesn’t offer much protection for the iPhone‘s screen, its rubberized sides and back offer you ample protection for droppage while covering the iPhone’s unfortunate antenna zone that cause reception problems for some people.

The case is indeed slim and looks great — it probably is the world’s slimmest, because it would be difficult to make it any thinner. Skinny as it was, I was slightly disappointed with the back, which shows exposed copper contacts. Their coppery utilitarian looks weren’t quite in harmony with the high build quality of the rest of this case. Look at it in the gallery below and see what you think.

On a recent trip, I was using my iPhone 4 frequently, and knowing there was an auxiliary battery waiting for me in my laptop bag gave me a feeling of freedom. Hey, I could use my phone all I wanted, and if the Acer laptop battery ran out, I could just snap this small attachment onto the back of the case, and it would start recharging my phone. And it did that only when I needed it.

How long does it take this 1250mAh battery to recharge the iPhone, whose battery is 1440mAh? To give you an idea, I ran my iPhone down to about 10% of its capacity, and three hours after I connected the battery, it had replenished the iPhone’s charge up to 60%. That was as far as it could go — the Smart Battery had spent its power, which is about 87% of the iPhone’s. But after that, I could remove the battery and go on about my business, without having to lug around all that extra bulk. Power when you need it — that’s Third Rail’s mantra, and that’s what makes this case “system” different and worthwhile.

Of course, that little battery pack feels pretty clunky when you’re talking on the phone, making the iPhone clumsier and spoiling its inherent slimness, but that’s a slight drawback considering that you can continue using your phone with that additional battery power on board. And it’s easy to tell how much charge is left in the battery, with its five LEDs that display remaining power with a button push.

I also like the way you can plug a mini USB cable either into the battery or the case, and then charge both iPhone and Apple laptop batteries pack at the same time. I don’t like the way you can’t use the iPhone in a dock anymore when you have it in this case, though.

On the plus side, I like the way the bottom of the case directs the sound toward the front of the iPhone, alleviating that problem I sometimes encounter where my hand covers the speaker, rendering it temporarily useless until I uncover then speaker. I also like the way the little battery can charge any device that uses a USB cable for charging.

If you want, you can keep adding more battery packs on top of each other, ad infinitum, if you have the money — but look out, they’re $ 60 apiece. Ouch. If you don’t mind spending a wad of cash, you can carry a handful of battery packs with you, effectively giving your iPhone unlimited interchangeable batteries that some of us wish it had all along.

Besides the quibbles I mentioned, this is an excellent product, and proved itself to be a valuable addition to my travel bag. Depending on a smartphone on the road can be challenging without replaceable compaq batteries, and when you know you have that Third Rail Mobility System waiting for you, you don’t feel quite as vulnerable.

At the same time, you don’t have to carry around all that extra weight, hanging on your iPhone when you don’t need it. This is an excellent idea, well executed. Highly recommended.

We offer low prices on laptop batteries and IBM adapter for major brands such as Dell, Acer, Toshiba, Compaq, SONY, Apple, IBM, HP etc., and a wide range of other quality batteries – Power Tool batteries, Digital Camera batteries, Canon Camcorder batteries, Mobile Phone batteries and more products. When shopping on, you get great customer service, a 30 Days\’ Satisfaction Guarantee and 12 Months Warranty.

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iPhone 4 cases- The protection against rough use

With the field of technology advancing and developing; there are newer researches going on. When it comes to mobile phones- iPhone 4 is the name which leads the technological revolution. It has many advanced features and facilities, which could attract a layman even, in the field of technology. But the research did not stop there… The company observed that the gadget is very sensitive and delicate and hence, requires additional protection. For that the research led to the invention of the iPhone 4 cases and iPhone 4 covers.

You would love to use your iPhone 4 for on and on; but for natural and accidental hazards. But the company assures you that the iPhone 4 cases and iPhone 4 covers will not only protect your iPhones from such hazards; but also, do everything to beautify them.

The iPhone 4 case has been designed such that, it can protect the phone from unwanted scratches, smashes and such other hazards, which are completely beyond your control. The iPhone 4 case has been made available in different materials and colours to suit your needs, likes and requirements. The iPhone 4 cases not only protect the body of the phone; but also, protect the lens of the extremely delicate and highly advanced camera of the phone.

Would not it occur to you at this juncture that this protection could weigh heavy on your wallets? But that is not so. The iPhone 4 cases and iPhone 4 covers cost just a reasonable amount which you can easily afford. Still, if you find that they cost a bit too much in the market; try online shopping instead. There, you will be amazed to find the difference in the costs and also, you will get many choices as well.

The article would be incomplete, if the benefits of the iPhone 4 covers are not discussed. They too have a responsible role in protecting your iPhones. Dust, humidity and other such elements of Nature damage your phone as much as the accidental factors. These damages can be avoided by the iPhone 4 covers.

The only thing that you should be prepared for is a little research- and you will not regret it!

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